Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Day in Nepal

We had a great (and very busy) first day in Nepal.
Got up early and went to visit Ama Ghar which is one very cool children's Home in Kathmandu. This home was truly amazing- built using all sustainable building practices. They had so many cool things in place from biogas digesters and water saving ideas. They designed the home to utilize the light in the most effective way. The rooms that were needed for use in the morning and evening were positioned where the sun rose and set. Maggie Doyne is hiring the same architect to design the new Kopila School which is super exciting. We even pitched up this 87 year old hitch hiker on our way out of town..

Then we did a bit of site seeing as this was Zenda's first time in Nepal so of course she had to buy a sing bowl. So Pradeep, the shop owner is demonstrating the different ways to use it which will come in handy if she ever wants to sport a bowl cut or open a hair salon in China!

 and this is Pradeep- Nepals best Taxi driver. 
This guy can navigate these crazy streets like Mario Andredi on speed! I don't know how there are not more accidents as the combination of obstacles one must avoid is crazier than any video game I have ever seen. I met this great guy 8 years ago and he has been my driver ever since- I just love this man! If you ever visit Nepal and need a driver- this is your guy!

Here is Zenda visiting the beautiful Dunbar Square one of Kathmandu many sites to see. The carving and brick work here is very beautiful. While we were at the Ama Ghar Home we were treated to a tasty lunch but my stomach did not like it as much as I did. So while Zenda was enjoying the beautiful sites I got to tour some amazing Nepali toilets along the way.... (and yes! I just love this country) 
 I am thinking of making a toilets of the month calender which I am sure would be a huge seller.

and this is a typical Newar home. 
You can distinguish it from the drying garlic and corn hanging it from the rafters.