Sunday, March 11, 2012

Create, Imagine, Dream

Maggie asked us to paint something bright and happy on the blank tin wall at the entrance of 
Kopila school and this is what Mary, Kristin and I came up with.  
The students are so appreciative of the work we do here- lots of wows! It's so cute...

We also painted this big canvas sign for the wall near the school cafeteria. 
These are a couple of lines from the Kopila School song.  

 I have been watching this couple work on this house since I got here. 
Everyday when I walk by, I always say nice, nice and they didn't understand what I am trying to say to them. So two days ago I asked at the school how to say "beautiful" in Nepali. 
As I walked by the house on my way home later that day, I said rumro and gave them a thumbs up! 
Now every time I walk by they give me a thumbs up and say rumro and give me a big smile and laugh.

 I just love taking photos of the women in Nepal, the colors and their beautiful faces makes a great combo- it's like a photographers DREAM!
Typical Nepali style Home on Laundry day!

Tonight I walked into town to try to locate some cough drops for Mary's sore throat and took 4 of the children with me to act as translator. 
Its nice to know these kids our just like mine, as they tried to talk me into buying everything in the store. We made it out with 5 packs of cookies, 2 bags of candies, 16 tooth brushes and I few items we needed here at the house. We also purchase tangerines and peanuts from a few vendors along the way. 

At one point there were two baby goats running in the street almost getting hit by a couple of motorcycles. 
A women was on her balcony screaming something. Through a quick game of charades I figured out they were her goats and they got out of her house, so I picked up one of the goats and then another and carried them to her door and put them thru the crack of the door and closed the door so they couldn't get out again.
When I turned around, I realized I had a whole audience watching me. 
There are so many baby goats this time of year here and I am just in love with them. 
Every time I see them I want to pick them up and snuggle them. 
The locals seem to find this very amusing. As goats are food, not  pets, so for someone to hug them must seem pretty strange.
I think I might just try to smuggle a few of these cuties out of the country....

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