Saturday, March 17, 2012

What a wonderful 2 weeks...

We are back in Thamel for the last leg of our trip after spending the last 17 days in Surkhet.
We had such an amazing time.
Although things are difficult in Nepal, I always enjoy my time here. The people are great.
We don't have the comforts of home that we are used to like electricity, water, and everything is hard.
But what you do have is lots of time to visit.
Taking a walk into town was one of my favorite activities or just a walk around the neighborhood, chatting with the local kids. These walks were always an adventure.
Back in Thamel, we spent a lovely evening with my friends Lucky and Daisy and their 8 other siblings. They made us a huge Muslim traditional dinner. I am not sure what the dishes were called but they were very hot and spicy. We had fish and chicken, rice, and eggs and lots of other delicious dishes.
This family is very funny. I really like them as I can relate to their sense of humor and the big family attitude. We really enjoyed the company and all the good laughs.
We also ordered some beautiful purses they make from recycled saris and other traditional hand woven Nepali fabrics. They are very unique and I am excited to add their handiwork to our line of goods for sale.
Today we are headed to Bungamati Foundation Nepal to deliver 10 Sawyer water filters for a new women's program.
A Big Thanks to the Fairfield Soroptimist for the grant to support this new program to bring clean water to Bungmati Village.
We used these filters at Kopila Valley the last few weeks and they have been working like a charm.
We took it to the river at Holi and drank the filtered water... It was good and clean and no one got sick. We are also excited that we didn't not add to the plastic bottle garbage situation as we only bought bottled water the first night we were here in Nepal.
We are looking forward to getting a follow up on how these filters are working.

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