Thursday, March 1, 2012


It is Friday and we (Mary, Kristin and I) finally made it to Surkhet.
Thought we weren't going to make it this year after finding out our flight to Nepal
was cancelled on Friday afternoon, but all is good!
Arrived at Kopila Valley yesterday evening after a 3 hour drive from Nepal Ganj Airport.
The drive was beautiful! Saw lots of small villages and views straight out of National
Geographic Magazine.
The road was bit bumpy but our driver was very good at navigating the turns.
We are happy to report that things are progressing at an amazing speed at both Kopila
Valley school and home.
Maggie and her team have been working hard since I last visited and we got the
welcoming tour of the new school and addition to the home.
Things look great... I am impressed at how the aftermath of construction is barely visible.
The gardens are back in place and new fences are up, everything looks fantastic.
We received a warm welcome from the children and had our first satsung-
This is like a big circle time family
meeting where compliments are shared, problems and concerns are expressed,
then some prayers and songs
and finished of by break dancing and a treat... very fun!
The kids are all doing well and have grown so my much in a year-
lots of new teeth at Kopila!
Maggie has lots of projects for us to keep us busy, we will be doing some murals
and repainting the t.v. room
to lighten and freshen up its appearance.
Today we are going to check out downtown Surkhet to see about getting buckets
for the water filters and hunt down other supplies.
Hope you all are doing well at home and keep you posted on our progress....

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  1. Hi Cara!!! Glad to hear you made it there safely! Please give my love to Maggie, Libby the kids and Kopila staff and tell them I miss them! Good luck to you and wishes for a fun and productive trip.

    Take Care, Lisa