Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The final count down...

Yesterday was our final day in Kathmandu and what a great trip this has been.
I have to say that Sunday was probably one of the most exciting, productive days ever.
We met with ten of the local women and distributed the Sawyer water filters so they could start a new water program in their local villages. It was so exciting to see these women assemble their new filter and try them out. First we filtered the well water which they use for wash or have to boil to drink.
Each of the women took turns cleaning the filter and everyone was a little nervous to drink the water from the well but eventually did once they saw us "Tourist" drink it.
The best part was when one of the women (the one filtering the water in the above photo- we called her the captain after this) asked us about filtering the water from the pond.
 I am not sure where this water comes from (nor do I really want to think about it) but all I know is it is the dirtiest water I have ever seen. So we took the filter and went to the pond. This pond was full of plastic, garbage and everything imaginable and was totally green.
Utsab comparing the before and after cups of water.

I was a bit nervous to drink the pond scum water but I knew that this would be the true test of trust. I drank the first glass- soon others joined in and we toasted the occasion. We even had some men from the village come by and ask for a glass of water.
Everyone was excited and amazed with the filter and I was thrilled the next morning when I wasn't sick...
That is one amazing filter!

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